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Hysterical laughs in paradise

Sergio Luna

21 september 2012 > 9 november 2012

The artwork from Sergio Luna (Archena, 1979) could be defined as a pictorial investigation inside the portrait and the identity. It also shows the evolution in the history of visual representation and its relationship with other aspects that stand clear from the traditional concepts of identity.

"Hysterical laughs in paradise" is two series of artworks where certain constants of art are reviewed. Death associated with the portrait in its largest sense, fear and fault, the cult and the mourning, crime and violence. A review between the objective and the poetic, that eludes aggressive images, relegating cruelty to a second shot, overlapped by an esthetic that can be kinder. Make-up violence, full-filled of multiple references that evidence aggressions in calm images.

The first series is formed by drawings that are based in images that the author has been saving from a long time. This include photographies of personal items, original negatives from the 50’s, images from the books… It’s a series that works as a repository of ideas and that is has served him to make up the pictorial artworks that complete this exposition where portraits are mixed with other elements that appear in these drawings.

The title of this exposition is a wink to a book written by J.G. Ballard that tells the story of a couple that sees them forced to live in an island for a year. In this island, death and drama are hidden as luxury hotels, paradise beaches and other touristic pleasures.