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Into the Maelstrom

Zoé T. Vizcaíno

11 january 2013 > 15 march 2013

A vortex creates a dynamic elliptical form in constant flow. Its spiral rotation produces a centripetal force that drags and concentrates the matter into an invisible depth.

This project came out of the research around the vortex and it focus on the documentation and compilation of analogous forms to it. At its first stage, the work began exploring the world’s largest sea vortex: the Saltstraumen Maelstrom, a colossal natural phenomenon compose, not only by powerful whirlpools, also by great water risings, like a volcano eruption, the fluid constantly emerges into the surface.

This astonishing amount of flows and tides irregularities create uncountable quantity of small and enormous vortexes that constantly and rapidly move forward in a permanent oscillation movement between creation and destruction.

The word Maelstrom originally comes from Norwegian Moskenstraumen, a marine channel and strong tidal current of the Norwegian Sea, in the Lofoten islands northern Norway. Maelstrom proceed from the Dutch combination of malen (to grind) and stroom (stream). This term was introduced into the English language as “a large, fatal whirlpool, engulfing vessels and men, or a figurative application of the idea.” Commonly understood as a powerful and violent whirlpool, a terrible vortex, or a violent or chaotic state of things.
On July 2011 the artist traveled Northern Norway searching for both, the Saltstraumen Maelstrom and the Moskenstraumen in the Lofoten islands. Into the Maelstrom came out of this experience.