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Nuno Nunes-Ferreira

24 september 2014 > 15 november 2014

Memory is the main concept of work´s Nuno Nunes-Ferreira and it´s in past where that can be found all new ideas to develop it. Looking for an aesthetic of beauty in cruel images from our collective past, the work´s Nuno Nunes-Ferreira aims for a reflection in different world history episodes, human beings and moments that time has tried to vanish and sometimes deny.

FÓSILES is the new project of Nuno Nunes-Ferreira that we will be able to see in the Gallery pazYcomedias from the 24th of September, coinciding in time with the collective opening of the season in the second edition of “Abierto Valencia”.

Fossils is the term used to denominate all of those organisms that have been preserved during time in a certain matter, phenomenon that usually takes place through petrification but that can also occur in other forms or elements. The word fossil comes from Latin, and means “everything that is extracted from the earth”.

The exhibition develops around the idea of how men have preserved it´s history in the rocks, concept through which the artist chooses this title for the exhibition, referring to those structures made by the man with the aim of endure certain facts, dates, people, events, tragedies… like for example the monuments, statues, busts, commemorative plaques or grave stones that recall it´s memory. It all starts in one of the trips the artist makes to Spain, were he reads a story in the newspaper about a mayor that refused to remove sculptures with Franco´s regime symbols, incident that encouraged the artist to investigate about the Law of Historic Memory in Spain, which establishes that the “badges, insignias, plaques and other objects or commemorative mentions of personal or collective exaltation of the military uprising, the Civil War and the repression of the dictatorship” must be taken out from the buildings and public spaces. The work of Nuno Nunes-Ferreira explores matters related with memory and time and how time, in occasions, tries to erase memory from the events occurred in the past or rewrite history. Since he was aware of the existence of such a law, the artist had the need to analyse it through a project, and not because of the removing of a series of symbols, because of the chance the memory has of falling into the oblivion with them.