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Isidro López-Aparicio

24 april 2015 > 27 june 2015

Isidro López-Aparicio is an artist who deals in phenomenon, the stuff of reality, what and how we experience being in the world. From a simplistic perspective the exterior world is made of materials actions and objects while the interior world consists of images, thoughts and feelings. Isidro explores the role of the artist in negotiating between these two worlds, the interior and the exterior, internalising and processing the exterior and conversely externalising the interior world, giving it form in the material world.

We live in a partial awareness, if we were to be fully aware we would be driven mad by the overwhelming intensity and complexity of reality. In this sense normality, what we call reality, is only a social agreement which allows us to reside in the world without being overwhelmed. The intensity of the world is held at bay, filtered by reasonableness, moderation and routine and above all mediated in the contemporary world through the media of television and film. From a phenomenological perspective what we collectively perceive of reality is severely limited by the constraints and conventions of our patterns of perception, both physically and intellectually the visible and audible spectrums we perceive are only a minimal part of the whole spectrum. Our capacity for understanding is limited by our prejudices and the emotional need for security and stability.

In the face of these social preoccupations the role of the creatively open artist is often seen to be unreasonable, outlandish and in defiance of the socially agreed sense of the real. Isidro practice is evidence in full of the valuable social and psychological role of the independent artist. His work documents a restless improvisation and creative play which reveals unpredictable patterns of relationships, patterns which disrupt the agreed norm and forestalls the closure of social agreement as to the real. He uses the strategy of incongruous juxtaposition, symmetry and asymmetry, displacement and re-contextualisation of the familiar. Paradoxically these methodology are employed to allow the familiar to be seen in all its full intensity and complexity, His strategy is to dislocate and re-present the world, to shock us anew with its infinite complexity and fluidity.

Isidro is a multi media artist, a printmaker who moves between 2D performance, time based and installation based practices. While he is sure footed in his aesthetic control of media and meticulously attentive to the visual detail, the work is always mdirected beyond the aesthetic. The aesthetic is a tool, a vehicle to access relationships between the world as phenomenon and the conventions of language, between the art and the viewer and inexorably to take the viewer to a point of contemplating the nature of being and the social constructs and conventions we use to organise and manage being in the world. For this reason the apparently disparate conceptual and visual forms and projects that López-Aparicio has engaged in, on further enquiry, coalesce into a coherent body of work, unified by the conceptual thread of a consistent and ernest level of penetrating enquiry.

Michael Wright