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Ángel Masip

4 december 2015 > 26 january 2016

The spaces we inhabit, the places that surround us, the media-broadcasted events, the concept of landscape, nature itself… the above-mentioned elements involve a mental remain which questions the natural dénouement of things. Our doubts about fortuity continuously threaten our existence. Every day we must face a daily loop, which hangs over us with its eternal, tragic, heavy burden.

Despite the convergence of the actions, despite the procedures established to think along different lines, it seems that we are not witnessing any substantial change. It seems that everything follows its own path and repeats itself over and over under the guidelines of its own melancholia, through the tunnel of History. As Milan Kundera wrote, "In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine."

In a similar way, the idea of Nature, that is, the capriciousness imposed by laws that exceed human capacities, transcends even the domain of the concept. We frequently overlook certain interventions, some circumstances with alter our perception and guide the actions perceived by us towards a territory masked by confusion, which places these actions in categories where they don’t fit in.

Under this same paradigm, the aim to modify the historical dénouement is senseless. The natural events impose themselves to the sterile struggles to redirect them.

In this project, I aim to dilute the will, which is the conditioning factor of every single action, even that of recalling a specific moment or an unrepeatable action, disregarding the yearning that ruins every action the humanity survives to.

* meteorism. distension of the abdomen caused by an abnormal accumulation
of gas in the intestinal or peritoneal cavity.