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Trilogy About The Boy Who…

Bojan Radojcic

28 april 2016 > 24 june 2016

The pazYcomedias Gallery presents Bojan Radojcic’s exhibition he "Trilogy About the Boy Who...". This trilogy is composed of three large-format drawings, each holding a separate title: "The Boy Who Got Drawn in His Tears", "The Boy Who Exploded from Happiness" and "The Boy Who Burned with Desire". The three works in three distinct ways treat the topic of self-sacrifice driven by various views and beliefs for the purpose of reaching certain goals. Despite the fact that each of the three cases involve different motives and aims, they are interconnected by the fact that all three boys sacrifice themselves, and accordingly open up some grand universal topics.

"The Boy Who Got Drowned in His Tears" deals with self-sacrificing that an individual makes deliberately in order to protect his environment. This drawing is inspired by a short story from the play Faust is Dead by Mark Ravenhill. In this story a boy who got disappointed with the world he lived in decided to "cry inside him" so that his mother could not notice his sorrow and concerns.

"The Boy Who Exploded from Happiness" is the second drawing of the Trilogy and it investigates ignoring social norms, social injustices and life in isolation when one confines himself to the limits of his hermetic world, nourishing his personal happiness there. Being so self-sufficient, he involuntarily makes sacrifices by "exploding" from an overdose of happiness.

"The Boy Who Burned with Desire" is the last drawing of the Trilogy and it speaks about the demonstrative act by which an individual deliberately choses the radical from of self-sacrificing, wishing to point out and draw attention to something in a brutal way. In the moments when it is difficult to be noticed, and even more difficult to be listened to, very often it takes a shocking sensation to attract somebody's attention at least for a moment.

Born in Yugoslavia in 1981. Is a visual artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. He has been committed to pursuing a career in the arts since the age of eleven. His formative years were most notably marked by the cultural atmosphere of the city of Šabac, where he attended the Cultural Center’s School of Painting and Drawing (1992-96) before continuing at the local School of Applied Arts (1996-2000). In the early 2000s he studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and graduated in 2004. Since 2001 his work has been publicly shown both in Serbia and abroad (most notably in Greece, Croatia, Denmark and Germany). Beside Fifteen individual shows so far (2009-16) he also took part in numerous group exhibition projects including Art Copenhagen (due to his ongoing collaboration with Galerie Pi from Copenhagen since 2011). His works make part of private collections in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Austria and Italy as well as of a public collection in Serbia (Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad). He is a member of ULUS - Association of Visual Artists of Serbia.