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Pl.Colegio del Patriarca, 5.
46002 Valencia
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Open Monday to Saturday afternoon
11 to 14h. and 19.30 to 21 h.
Closed monday morning.

Geometry of a gap

María García Ibáñez

30 september 2016 > 12 november 2016

The new show that María García Ibáñez presents in the gallery pazYcomedias, continues her line of work on territory, origin and belonging.

On this occasion she brings together a number of pieces that reflect on the graph of the gap, the structure of the hives and their relation to landscape ; reversible forms or shelters which are sometimes gap and other times filling.

She uses line, shape and geometry as basic tools that through different processes and materials, such as weaving , trimmed paper or watercolor , refer us to the common essence between them : the drawing.

María García Ibáñez’s recent projects and exhibitions include: Places that appears (with Selina Baumann at Knoerle & Baettig Gallery, Switzerland, 2016), Anamnesis (with Javier León Perez at Puerta Roja Gallery, Hong Kong, 2106), Cóncavo (Solo show at Galería Paula Alonso, Madrid, 2015), Arada (Solo show at Guijarro de Pablo, Mexico City, 2015), Fühlst du nicht an meinen liedern dass ich eins und doppelt bin (Collective show at Gallery Peter Kilchmann, Suitzerland, 2015), Tierras Continuas (Solo show at AJG Gallery, Sevilla, 2014), The prehistory of the Image (STUK Center, Bélgica, 2014), Ruta Mística (Museo MARCO, Monterrey, México, 2013) Micrographia (Solo show at Puerta Roja & Cat Street Gallery. Hong Kong, 2013), Apuntes para una madriguera (Solo show at Miscelánea, México DF, 2012).