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Pl.Colegio del Patriarca, 5.
46002 Valencia
Telf. (+34) 96 391 89 06

Open Monday to Saturday afternoon
11 to 14h. and 19.30 to 21 h.
Closed monday morning.

Tejido - pez abisal

30x70x50 cm.

Anna Talens's work moves between the expressive power of the material itself and the evocation of emotions and daily feelings. Her sculptures are the result of combining found objects with parts manufactured. The materials chosen carefully, either by their age or their origin, find each other in the space of the artist's studio. Hybrids resulting from this game emanate, thanks to its lightness, delicacy and subtlety, a sense of peace that draws the viewer, immersed in a world that moves fast, into a strange calmness. In its recourse the artist use pieces of silk, copper or glass, among other materials, each of its objects is the result of the construction of a language that is defined with each experience.