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Pl.Colegio del Patriarca, 5.
46002 Valencia
Telf. (+34) 96 391 89 06

Open Monday to Saturday afternoon
11 to 14h. and 19.30 to 21 h.
Closed monday morning.

S/T (Por dónde te escondiste)

60x42 cm.

Ruth Morán


In Ruth Moran’s work the graphic finesse and the personal gesture hide under a solid structure which a priori, has an abysmal character. However, this secrecy is an illusion which can reveal, not without difficulty, the intense complexity from this works that radiate an ordered chaos, a compositional determination that advocates for transmute in the two-dimensional rectangles two lines from divergent starring, in one hand a vital expressionism, where the compulsive stroke evolves in an apparently arbitrary path…, and in the other hand the consolidation of a geometry not visible which supports the irregular framework of the figures. A conscientious study which doesn’t make possible an spectacular and unique work, on the contrary, her work is simple…, we have to carefully observe the complete speech of her creative identity in its totality, since the artist bases her work in the methodic practice of the structural analysis, and not for the sensational anecdote from the casual effect.
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