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Pl.Colegio del Patriarca, 5.
46002 Valencia
Telf. (+34) 96 391 89 06

Open Monday to Saturday afternoon
11 to 14h. and 19.30 to 21 h.
Closed monday morning.

Alteración circular I

59x63x6 cm.

Ana Esteve's work has taught me to appreciate the trembling of my own hand before a sheet of paper—the tremble of one who recognizes his own death in the act of writing, as the writer is never more than an intermittent vision that dissolves in the reader’s eyes; a veiled shadow, the deficient prosthesis of the Other. Thus, I hope to have been able to fuse the spaces produced by Esteve’s sculptures with the spaces left by this text, spaces that do not belong to Ana nor to me, but to those who would lose themselves within them.

Pablo Bonilla
Costa Rica, 2009